It is a dream

‘It is a dream’
With this realisation it should be possible
To shape the dream into something
more desirable.
To defeat whatever is chasing me,
or at least outrun it.
To wake up from this dream even,
that is more a nightmare.

‘I want to wake up’

But no amount of effort changes
the unpleasant situation that I am in.
This feeling of dread
that is always with me.
The fear of whatever is chasing me this time.
I know this place,
yet I have never seen it before.
A maze with no clear destination.
Is there even a destination, a goal, at all?
This is just an endless chase.

‘Let me out’

The feeling of relief
when I finally wake up.


As someone who experiences nightmares regularly, this seemed like an ok idea for my ‘maiden post’. It’s just a quick scribble, but I hope it’ll get my writing juices going.

As much as I dislike my nightmares, the storyline is sometimes really interesting, as
disturbing as they may be.